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Larry Kinney - Everything you ever wanted to know about lighting
Larry Kinney is president of the Synertech Systems Corporation, an energy efficiency research, development, and demonstration company in Boulder, CO. Active in energy conservation-related work for thirty years, he has experience in weatherization program operations, fenestration systems, refrigeration, lighting technologies, air handling and conditioning systems, and controls. Dr. Kinney also serves as Vice President for Project Development for Sunflower Corporation, a Boulder-based company that develops daylighting systems. Principal areas of current work include energy efficient lighting, daylighting, and insulating shutter development.
  • New Designs in Active Daylighting
  • Creative Uses of Fluorescent Lighting
  • Greening with daylightings
    SEGMENT 1 - Lighting efficiency, energy and comfort; What builders need to know about lighting; CFL choices; Thermal vs. energy efficiency (can lights); pressure differences; various costs associated with lighting.
    SEGMENT 2 - Misconceptions about compact fluorescent lighting; Changes in technologies; Color rendering; Fixtures, new integration; Builders - what do they need to think about; Selling green.
    SEGMENT 3 - Ideal lighting for kitchens, natural lighting, bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, exterior lighting - and security lighting.
    SEGMENT 4 - Integrating day lighting into homes - glare, efficiency, comfort, design considerations; Progressive builder solutions, integration with high quality housing.
    SEGMENT 5 - Can light demo - comparison between traditional can light and a compact fluorescent can light.