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Dennis Creech - Green Buildings: Good for You and Your Customer
Dennis Creech is the executive director and co-founder of the twenty-three year-old Southface Energy Institute in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a recognized leader in sustainability. Dennis helped to create and develop the Southface Energy and Environmental Resource Center in Atlanta, the EarthCraft House green builder program, and Greenprints, an annual conference aimed at bringing sustainability to the southeast. (ACI Website - Board of Directors).
  • Home performance meets green renovation
  • Creating Green Communities
    SEGMENT 1 - Green buildings defined; how we build; environmental resources available to us; redeveloping cities.
    SEGMENT 2 - Mainstreaming green buildings, healthy building design, IAQ, design examples, integrated design approaches, branding for builders, reducing liability, marketing, QA programs, people aren't stupid and they care.
    SEGMENT 3 - Builders saving money by building green - real life examples; Using green building for success; good sources for further information.

  • Betsy Pettit - The Architect's role in Good Building System Design
    Betsy Pettit is a registered architect with over twenty-five years of experience working in affordable housing. She is the project manager for the Building Science Consortium's Building America project. The objective of the Building America program is to bring home builders, manufacturers, and designers together to create homes that use less energy, provide more comfort, and last longer than the typical house being built today.
  • A home for cold seasons
  • A small home with big ideas
    SEGMENT 1 - Architects, the past and new( how the house works); Systems integration and how people want to live in their homes; Design features, IAQ and building products; Understanding how mechanicals work; Summary for architects.
    SEGMENT 2 - All construction trades and homeowner are a team; Making a design work as a team; Will it work? - Collaborative process; Homeowner education - bigger isn't better; Societal pressures -but it is a free country; Social commentary; Building code officials and working with them.