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Bruce Harley - Insulation Installation: Getting What You Pay For
Bruce Harley is technical director of Conservation Services Group (CSG) and chair of the RESNET Technical Committee. He has worked with and trained in retrofit, new construction, HERS, codes, and building science since 1990. His book, Insulate and Weatherize, was published in 2002 by Taunton Press.
  • Insulation inspections for home energy ratings
    SEGMENT 1 - Misconceptions and myths & how to insulate correctly - how insulation really works.
    SEGMENT 2 - Code requirements & benefits of good insulation installation.

  • David Keefe - Walls That Work: Insulation, Air Sealing & Framing
    David Keefe is a former air sealing and insulation contractor who now does consulting, project management, and training with the Vermont Energy Investment Corp (VEIC). He has done hands-on energy retrofits of several hundred buildings and has audited and tested well over one thousand new and old structures. He is also an environmentalist who thinks waste is unethical and who is delighted to know that it is also unnecessary.
  • Whittling down wood waste
  • Tighten up your advice about air sealing
    SEGMENT 1 - Basic building science overview; Misconceptions and opportunities for builders; technical things that fly in the face of convention (science vs. what we have been doing in the past).
    SEGMENT 2 - Codes - an awkward political process; building performance - good vs. bad; the struggle between codes and building science; in the field vs. what is on the plans; the few important things builders can do better - seal holes, continuity of insulation, ventilation, forced air HVAC strategies; air tightness misconceptions.
    SEGMENT 3 - Framing buildings past and present; not all options are appropriate - builders have to choose what works best; building materials have changed, so how we build has to change.

  • Joe Lstiburek - Lessons Learned from Building Failures
    Joseph Lstiburek, Ph.D., P.E., is a principal of Building Science Corp. (BSC), in Westford, MA. He has twenty years of experience in design, construction, investigation, and building science research. Joe is an internationally recognized authority on indoor air quality, moisture, and condensation in buildings. BSC is one of the Building America teams that provide technical assistance to trade contractors. (AC06).
  • Of mastic and mistakes
  • Brainy membrane
    SEGMENT 1 - House as an environmental separator; United States is an AC dominated country; Building science basics; Building products guide; Geography; Configuring walls for different climates.
    SEGMENT 2 - Misconceptions; Energy efficiency vs. insulation; Energy flow, water control - materials have changed and need to be applied differently; Codes transitions; Overall - failure teaches us; Elegant design and communication between the trades.

  • ENCLOSURE > Cellulose Insulation
    Cellulose insulation has many unique benefits when installed properly and to manufacturer's specifications. The following video segments give a look at this recyclable material and how it is installed in a home.

    Insulating Walls
    Steve Easley and Energy consultant Rick Chitwood cover all the necessary steps to ensure the best R-values when installing cellulose in walls.

    Insulating Ceilings
    Steve and Rick discuss the methods and equipment used in blowing cellulose insulation into attics.

    ENCLOSURE > Fiberglass Insulation
    Steve and insulation expert Joe Arrigo go over the care must be taken to assure that fiberglass insulation is installed properly with no voids or gaps and in contact with all surfaces.

    Here we see the methods for the high quality installation of fiberglass insulation.

    High quality installation of insulation procedures for raised floors and floors over garages.

    ENCLOSURE > Spray Foam Insulation
    Spray Foam
    Millions of tiny air pockets make foam insulation a very good insulation source. Take a look at how spray foam insulation works and the various methods for applying it correctly.

    ENCLOSURE > Housewraps
    Housewrap Overview
    In this video we investigate where leaks can cause energy losses, how air barriers work and demonstrates why properly installed housewraps can help prevent this. Steve Easley goes over the reasons for, and the need to create, an air barrier and the benefits in terms of performance and energy efficiency.

    Installing Air Barriers
    When properly installed, a housewrap can serve as both and effective air and serve as the home's weather resistive barrier. Steve Easley and product specialist Dean Whitehead go over the proper installation of a homewrap.

    Steve and product specialist Kay Demey talk about the importance of flashing wall openings like windows and doors and integrating these elements into a properly installed housewrap system.