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John Tooley - Foundation details: Building for Success
John Tooley, a former builder, began building closed/unvented crawl spaces in Orlando in 1989, and began retrofitting existing crawl spaces in 1990. He has trained more than 2,000 builders on designing and building closed/unvented crawl spaces. In January of 1996, John joined Advanced Energy, a non-profit corporation that helps utility, industrial and residential customers improve the return on their energy investment. AS a building science consultant and senior trainer, he has developed the standards and conducted the training for the design and implementation of the duct diagnostic and repair programs for both Advanced Energy and Florida Power. In addition to training manuals, John has authored and co-authored numerous scientific papers and articles.
  • Closed crawlspaces do double duty
  • Inproving crawlspaces in NY multifamily buildings
    SEGMENT 1 - Foundation/design process; Crawl spaces; Risk management; What is important in a crawlspace; Most important things to consider when building a foundation.
    SEGMENT 2 - Codes/Liability; Insulation crawlspace walls - technique/proper installation; Stakeholders - Termite control, Fire issues; Storage in crawls; Foundation part of the system/legal liability; Builders warranty costs.
    SEGMENT 3 - More detail on water management; Roof leaks; Bulk water, roof and drainage planes; New products in the market place; testing.