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Brad Oberg - Water Heating Solutions: The New Frontier
Variety of new glazing and frames that deliver results without high costs; Buildings that are easier - climate control; Changes in technology change AC load; Opportunities and challenges for builders; New labeling system (NFRC); Looking at windows as part of the house system; Brief history of windows.
  • Some Research Begins at Home
    SEGMENT 1 - Water heating is a bigger issue as houses get larger; generation and distribution; Solutions for stranded water; the pros and cons of different plumbing systems.
    SEGMENT 2 - Different tank systems, pros and cons, how they work.
    SEGMENT 3 - Tankless systems, pros and cons, how they work.
    SEGMENT 4 - Guidance to builders for installing DHW; common misconceptions; when to design DHW; production builder vs. small builder hurdles; good resources for builders.
    SEGMENT 5 - Codes and water heating; code officials not aware of new technologies; solar systems and the code; types of solar assisted water heating.

  • WATER HEATING > Gas Domestic Hot Water
    Gas DHW System Overview
    Gas domestic Hot Water systems are a very prevalent type of system in today's housing. Here we learn about the different system types and general considerations for their usage.

    Gas DHW System Installation
    The installation of a gas DHW system is simple, as long as all the relevant standards are considered, as we learn in this video.

    WATER HEATING > Gas Tankless Water Heaters
    Installing Tankless Water Heaters
    Instantaneous tankless Water Heaters are gaining in popularity for their efficiency and cost savings. Here we learn the details of their installation with an industry expert.