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John Proctor - Air Conditioning: Smart Solutions for Customer Comfort
John Proctor is the president of Proctor Engineering Group, Ltd. and the primary development engineer on the CheckMe! quality assurance system. John's current research projects include two new high efficiency air conditioners for hot dry climates and a low cost system for continuous monitoring of residential and small commercial system performance.
  • Smart and cool the art of air conditioning

    SEGMENT 1 - Biggest opportunities for savings is in the duct system; what is wrong - what can be fixed; how people think is exact opposite to the truth.
    SEGMENT 2 - Duct design good, bad and the ugly; Air handlers, good vs. bad.
    SEGMENT 3 - Sources of good information; Getting the technicians to do it right; New systems that work; Ducts - different types - what works, what doesn't.
    SEGMENT 4 - Getting the duct design right.

  • Paul Raymer - Mechanical Ventilation: More Than Just a Bath Fan
    Paul H. Raymer is the president of Tamarack Technologies, Inc., a ventilation product manufacturer located near Cape Cod. He has been working with ventilation design and consulting for more than twenty-five years. Paul has developed and brought to market more than twenty products, and he is a director of HVI (Home Ventilating Institute).
  • HVAC system pressure relief
  • Make room for the caddy

    SEGMENT 1 - Ventilation (house as a system); Ventilation just as critical as a roof leak; Very good basic building science explanations.
    SEGMENT 2 - Misconceptions about exhaust fans (how to tell if they are really working); Other ventilation strategies; How long should you run your bathroom fan; ASHRAE standards; Design considerations.
    SEGMENT 3 - Reasons for venting a bathroom and how to design correctly Verification of correct installation needed; Circulation in homes and its importance; Ideal components of an HVAC system; Why builders should care; CO in garages - in depth; Fundamentals of building science and rules to follow; ERVs; Good systems to use, and what it all depends on (special considerations).
    SEGMENT 4 - Combustion safety overview; Hints that you may have a problem; Sources of problems; ASHRAE 62.2 - residential ventilation.

  • Armin Rudd - Tips and Tricks for Forced Air Distribution
    Armin Rudd is principal engineer at Building Science Corporation, Westford, MA. Armin has worked in the field of buildings research and consulting since 1985, and previously worked in the construction trades. He has a wide range of experience in residential and commercial buildings and product development, especially focusing on space conditioning systems, ventilation, and indoor air quality.
  • Discussion of the Use of Transfer Grilles
  • Design Process for Sizing
  • Refrigeration System Installation and Startup Procedures
  • Chasing Interior Ducts
  • Clean Breathing in Production Homes

    SEGMENT 1 - Opportunities for savings with ducts; Dehumidification/ high performance/ IAQ/ humidity control.
    SEGMENT 2 - High performance systems, systems integration, code issues, improvements, pressurization, air handler leakage.
    SEGMENT 3 - Zoning for comfort strategies; Duct materials installation and sizing.
    SEGMENT 4 - Misconceptions (bigger is better); Helping builders work with subs/ design spec and inspections; Duct /codes, testing requirements with building America plans.
    SEGMENT 5 - Design issues with homes simple vs. complex; water management; top 5 points for HVAC system performance; summary of the house working as a system.

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    AC Sizing
    John Proctor, with Proctor Engineering, gives an overview of the necessary step needed to ensure the proper sizing of A/C units and ducts.

    AC Installation
    Approximately 50% of the money spent on A/C systems is due to inefficiencies in the installation process. John Proctor, engineer and HVAC consultant, outlines proper A/C installation procedures and achieving optimum airflow.