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Jim LaRue - The Human Factor in High Performance Homes
Jim LaRue, The HouseMender, Inc., has been troubleshooting residential structures for years, focusing on moisture, health, and green building in new construction and rehabs. He is consulting with the National Center for Healthy Housing in the creation of a Healthy Homes Practitioner Course for public health and building professionals and Cuyahoga County Weatherization.
  • Learning from the residents
  • Green your home: The Site
    SEGMENT 1A - What needs to be in a homeowner manual; Maintenance, reference guide, pics of home, etc.; Back to scrapbook (homeowners manual) with pictures - use as an educational tool.
    SEGMENT 2A - Margin between builder and products; Avoiding callbacks, Change orders, pay attention to details, communication and written documentation; Developers playing builder; Understanding the community they are building in Using land not normally used before; Know your client and market; Have a good set of trades (consistency); Follow up with the customer; Code is constant issue now Where is the code official coming from; New technologies to a code official, and working with the code official.
    SEGMENT 1B - Greening homes is unavoidable; Basics of greening; We are living in a chemical soup; Public opinion of green construction.
    SEGMENT 2B - Builders marketing green construction; Homes don't have to look "green" to be green; Don't have to be "McMansions"; Public education is very much needed; What is needed in a green home.

  • Sara Lamia - What do Consumers Want?
    Sara Lamia, M.A., MCSP, CAPS, author and radio show host, creates tools and strategies for builders and consumers to work together efficiently and enjoyably. Learn more about consumer products and professional training seminars at www.buildingcoach.com.
  • Twelve reasons why the green home market is ready to surge
    SEGMENT 1 - How consumers really think; purchasing a high performance home; detailed explanation of how to market high performance homes to consumers.