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Rob De Kieffer - Specifications/Verification/ Best Practices for Managing Trades
Rob deKieffer is the managing partner of Boulder Design Alliance. He has been working in both new and retrofit construction for over twenty years. Rob's recent work has focused on helping builders meet the new IECC codes, enhancing and implementing the EPA Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program, and evaluating energy conservation programs.
  • Greening of a home performance contractor
    SEGMENT 1 - Specifications, plans; biggest problems are in the field; training for everyone in the field; specs and reinforcement.
    SEGMENT 2 - A comprehensive approach is vital; every decision effects subs; implementation of new plans and specs.
    SEGMENT 3 - Why builders want to build better; figuring out who is a good or bad sub; quality control; verification of jobs; documentation; how to get started with changes as a builder; working towards best practices.