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Chris Mathis - Solutions for Window Selection
R. Christopher "Chris" Mathis has spent twenty-five years focusing on how buildings and building products perform - from energy efficiency to long-term durability. He has spent the past eighteen years on window performance. As president of M C Squared, Chris provides technical support and training on building science topics - especially building and fenestration product energy performance.
  • What Should I Do About My Windows?
    SEGMENT 1 - Variety of new glazing and frames that deliver results without high costs; Buildings that are easier - climate control; Changes in technology change AC load; Opportunities and challenges for builders; New labeling system (NFRC); Looking at windows as part of the house system; Brief history of windows.
    SEGMENT 2 - Critical performance - indices to choose from for builders - top issues - all about how a window works and what to choose.
    SEGMENT 3 - Energy code is a 4-letter word; Code is the least you can do by law; Today's windows create opportunities for builders; Key messages that HVAC contractors need to know; Water management with windows; Risk management; People vs solar gain and heat loss.

  • Jim Larson - Windows: Sorting Out the Options
    Relying on his 20+ years of experience in the research and development of glass products, Mr. Larsen's primary responsibility is supporting the recognition of efficient windows through building energy codes at both the national and local level. Mr. Larsen has a mechanical engineering degree, is a member of ASHRAE, a past chairman of the ASTM insulating glass subcommittee, currently sits on the board of directors for the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA), and the Energy And Environmental Building Association (EEBA), is a team member of the DOE Building America program, and a member of state energy code committees in Florida and Minnesota.
  • Window strategies in the southwest
    SEGMENT 1 - Windows, energy efficiency and how it effects the house as a system; How to pick windows for your climate - guidelines; Low-e; Building codes and true comfort; How a window performs; How it's built; warranties.
    SEGMENT 2 - How the industry works; Process of how a window is manufactured; Role of a window; Installation critical; Flashing critical; Critical for builders to look at installation.

  • WINDOWS > Fenestration
    Steve Easley gives us an overview of low-e glass and the effect it can have on a home's energy efficiency.

    Energy Performance
    Take a closer look at spectrally selective low-e glass and what the NFRC label tells about windows' energy performance.

    Window Performance
    Today's housing market often demands greater window areas, and these greater areas can conflict with energy code compliance. Here we learn generally how today's high performance windows can satisfy both the need for more window area and performance for code compliance.